NorthStar Capital Aquires Wildon Wiring & TW Power Supply Limited

NorthStar Capital Aquires Wildon Wiring & TW Power Supply Limited

NorthStar Capital Ltd., the driving force behind Noble Construction Corp., has successfully executed a strategic acquisition, marking a significant milestone in our journey within the construction industry. In a divestiture engagement, NorthStar Capital Ltd. acquired Wildon Wiring Ltd. and TW Power Supply Limited, facilitated by the expert guidance of MNP Corporate Finance Inc., who served as the exclusive financial advisor during the structuring and negotiation phases.

This transaction serves as a testament to NorthStar Capital's commitment to fostering growth and ensuring the success of businesses in the construction sector. The acquisition allowed the shareholders of Wildon Wiring Ltd. and TW Power Supply Limited to implement their succession strategy, securing the legacy of their enterprises while opening new avenues for expansion and development.

Wildon Wiring Ltd., headquartered in Thunder Bay, Ontario, has been a stalwart in the industry since 1971. Specializing in overhead power line construction and maintenance, the company has cultivated a robust presence in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. Known for delivering the highest-quality workmanship, Wildon Wiring has consistently served both private and public sectors, earning the trust of the community.

TW Power Supply Limited operates as a wholesale distributor and business-to-business supplier of specialty power line equipment, adding a valuable dimension to NorthStar Capital's portfolio.

As the parent company of Noble Construction Corp., NorthStar Capital has been a key player in the construction and multi-trade sector. Based in Southeast Saskatchewan, Noble Construction Corp. offers a range of services, including mining, mechanical, electrical, and industrial maintenance. Moreover, NorthStar Capital has actively engaged with First Nation businesses, strategically partnering to enhance services in the construction sector, showcasing our dedication to community development and long-term relationships.

This acquisition aligns with our strategy to expand our influence in the construction industry, solidifying our position as a leading player in power line construction and equipment distribution. NorthStar Capital remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainable growth and community engagement, embodying our grassroots ethos and the value we place on cultivating enduring relationships within the community.