About Our Strategy

At our core, we are not just a Private Equity Investment & Asset Management firm; we are stewards of dreams and legacies. Recognizing that selling a business is a profoundly emotional journey, we stand as guardians of its essence. Our commitment goes beyond transactions – we pledge to preserve the business's legacy, nurture its roots in the community, and safeguard its heritage.

In every step, we are driven by a profound sense of continuity. Our mission is to be the unwavering force that propels companies to not just survive but thrive. Our approach is more than a process; it's a warm embrace of growth and possibilities. It's a commitment to a journey marked by trust, inspiration, and a shared vision of success. In choosing us, you aren't just selling a business; you're entrusting it to caretakers who understand the emotional tapestry woven into its history and are dedicated to guiding it toward an even brighter future.

Guidance. Trust. Growth.

We are actively seeking investment opportunities up to $25 million in the Construction and Industrial Services sectors.

Our investment approach spans early-stage growth companies to established entities with high-quality management teams. Beyond providing capital, we leverage our industry expertise and extensive network to collaboratively support management teams in strategy, deal sourcing, leadership development, and corporate governance.
Recognizing that company acquisitions are emotionally charged, we prioritize stewardship, ensuring businesses are cared for and not dismantled. We are committed to supporting and operating within the communities where businesses originated, preserving heritage and tradition. Our goal is to sustain and propel companies forward.
Emphasizing the importance of relationships, we strive to leave partners feeling positive about choosing NorthStar Capital for direction, fostering a sense of trust and satisfaction in our collaborative journey.


Investment Sectors

NorthStar Capital concentrates on investments within the construction and resource sectors, specifically in Construction, Mineral Exploration & Mining, Oil & Gas, and Sustainable Energy industries. Situated in Saskatchewan, at the core of Canada, we leverage our strategic location for access to compelling and competitive opportunities. Our investment strategy places a strong emphasis on inclusivity, with a priority on Indigenous participation.



Investing in local construction projects provides a direct boost to the regional economy by creating jobs and fostering community growth. Additionally, it enhances infrastructure, contributing to the overall development and sustainability of the local area.


Mineral Exploration & Mining

Investing in local mineral exploration and mining stimulates the economy, creates jobs, and contributes to sustainable resource development, fostering long-term community and economic resilience.


Oil & Gas

Investing in local oil and gas projects bolsters the regional economy through job creation and revenue generation. Additionally, it enhances energy security and contributes to the development of a robust and self-sustaining local energy infrastructure.


Sustainable Energy

Investing in local sustainable energy promotes economic growth through clean energy development, positioning the region as a leader in environmental responsibility and position the region as a leader in the transition to a more sustainable and resilient energy future.